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The stories of Valen & Tine, Shiny & Mitten, Pika, Baobei and Lulu, Mini & Grey

Sorry for the radio silence! Yours truly had been busy with rescues and even though we are quiet, it doesn't mean we had been slacking!

We have a handful of kittens/cat looking for homes and all are rescued from different situations.

Valen & Tine

20 January 2021

First off, we have Valen & Tine, who were rescued from a void deck recently during the super heavy downpour weekend. They were only 6 weeks old when rescued and they were suspected of being caged up through out their lives as they have injured paws.

Update on 2 February 2021


We need your help in Tiny Tine's hospitalisation cost of approximately 1.4k (please find attached)

Tine was rescued together with her brother recently during the heavy downpour which happened a few weeks back. They were abandoned at a void deck, completely drenched, with no food, shelter or warmth. When rescued, they have wounds on their paws and had very bad skin infections. We suspected they had been caged up and stepping on their pee n poop for quite a while.

While her brother Valen had found a home, Tine still has some growing up to do. She was vomiting and could not keep food down. She was later diagnosed with high fever and viral infection. If we had not brought her to the hospital on time, she would not have survive. Could you help us with her bill? You could either donate directly or purchase some of our merchandise (limited pieces only)

You can donate to Purely Adoptions via the following ways: 1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0 2. Using PayNow, the UEN is :201431426WPA8

Input reference as "TinyTine" for her medical bills or “ToteBag” for bag purchases.

Each bag is going for $15 - $20 per piece(excluding $4.30 Courier fee)

Whatsapp 96984704 on the tote bag design you are interested in before making payment to ensure bag availability.

Send a screenshot of your payment to 96984704 and provide your mailing address for your bag delivery.

With your continuous support, we can make a difference for the homeless rescues. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity

First off, we have Valen & Tine, who were rescued from a void deck recently during the super heavy downpour weekend. They were only 6 weeks old when rescued and they were suspected of being caged up through out their lives as they have injured paws.


Shiny & Mitten

We have Shiny & Mitten who were rescued from a restricted area. They are friendly and will do well in a home with other friendly cats or adopted in pair.

Last update: 2 March 2021

Adoption confirmation for Shiny & Mitten!

Our sister pair of Shiny & Mitten had been adopted and are now enjoying their new home with their ameowzing family!!

Rescued from a restricted area, the gals are very close to each other and are often seen playing and grooming each other.

When Chin Fong approached us in adopting a kitten, being a first time cat pawrent, she was a bit hesitant about adopting a pair but gamely took on the challenge with the support of her family. We couldn't ask for a better family for this cheeky pair of sisters.

If you are starting out in the cat ownership journey, you should adopt a pair if there is a bonded pair of siblings. It is actually easier to Manage 2 as compare to 1 as they will play with each other, they will learn how to be a cat, and they keep each other company when the humans are not available .

Do follow the sisters' meowventuress @broomstickcats!!😻 😻

We want to thank our foster Kelly for taking care of them for the past few months, our sponsors for the starter kit @silverskypets

And also to Chin Fong and her family for giving Shiny and Mitten a forever home! Thank you for choosing to adopt and giving rescue cats a chance! 😻



Next we have Pika the pikachu wannabe who was rescued from the industrial park scavenging for food. His other siblings had unfortunately passed away in the harsh environment.

Last update: 21 March 2021

Adoption confirmation for Pika the Pikachu wannabe

It is official! Pika has been adopted by the great family of Ying and Martin who are our existing adopters and they started the journey of adopting another cat so that can have a buddy with him. We couldn't have ask for a better home for Pika!

Now Pika has a huge home and furbro, Kiiro to play with. From an industrial park to a living doting family. We are truly happy for him.

Do follow their instagram account @kiiro.pika for more hilarious antics!!😻 😻


Baobei and Lulu

We also have Baobei and Lulu rescued from wholesale Centre and construction site respectively but currently in the same foster home.


Mini & Grey

Lastly, we have the hoarder kittens Mini & Grey who were lucky to be rescued and born in foster care. Now ready for a new home with mommy Kueh Tart.

All of them suits first time cat owners but we would like our kittens to be adopted in pairs or to a home with existing playmate. If you are interested in adopting them, do pm me!

In the meantime, we do need your generous support in helping us to care for them. If you could sponsor some supplies for them, it will be greatly appreciated! @noelwhiskylifestyle has helped us in getting heavily discounted items for our rescues. Please help! We will require supplies now, especially Wellness Kitten

kibbles & can food or click on the link in my bio! 😻 😻

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