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Be our Fosterer

Being a Shelter-less rescue organisation, we rely heavily on our fosterers to take in the rescues till they find their permanent home. Home environments are also the most ideal to rehabilitate stray, abused or special-needs.


Fostering may be arduous but it can also be extremely rewarding. It takes tenacity, courage, love and patience.

Join us as a fosterer. Another fosterer would mean another animal's life saved. Help us to help them. When it comes to animal rescue, every individual counts. You count.

Fostering Criteria

Please ensure that you meet all the following criteria before applying to foster. All the criteria listed below must be fulfilled. The welfare of the animals is our utmost priority.


Fosterer must be 18 years and above

Fosterers should be 18 years and above. If you are between 18 and 21, a parent’s/guardian’s consent is required.


Entire Household's Consent/ Landlord's Consent

The entire household has to consent to the fostering of the animal as the animal will usually be cared for in a foster home for a period of one to three month. Most rescues are not toilet-trained. Young puppies also tend to chew and destroy your possession. Some may have separation anxiety or may bark excessively. If you are renting, the landlord's consent is necessary.


Minimum 1-Month Foster Period

The duration of fostering is usually for a period of between 1 month to 3 months. This is subjected to factors such as the animal's health issue and the adoption period. We also require a 3-week notice period to seek another fosterer in the event you are unable to continue the foster term.


Safe & Secure Environment

The foster home has to be cat-proof/ dog-proof.  Balconies and windows have to be secured at all times. 

What to Expect

Fostering is not all fun and games. If you have not fostered before, please look through the slideshow to better understand what fostering entails.

Apply as a Fosterer

If you are unfazed and up for the challenge of fostering, please fill-up the form below and we will reach out when we have a suitable foster. If fostering is not for you, you can explore the option of being our volunteer. Every pair of hands count.

Fosterer Application Form
Age of Rescue
Gender of Rescue
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Thanks for submitting!

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