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Animal Kingdom

Get Involved, Join us to Save More Lives!

As an animal welfare group, we rely on the public to continue to do what we do. If you believe in our cause and would like to join us, here are ways you can get involved:


Adopt a rescue, give them a well-deserved home.

Shop our Merch

Help us to continue to fund our rescue and raise awareness.


Donate to help us to continue to rescue more animals.

Share Advice

Share any tips and advice you have for adopters/ fosterers.


Foster and rehabilitate a rescue so they have a chance to find a home.


Volunteer with us, every extra pair of hands count.


Hi! I'm Jessintha and my husband and I adopted Prince, a 12 year old King Charles Spaniel, in January 2015.


He is 14 this year and is both blind and deaf. He also has a heart problem and is on constant medication, just like many 70+ human. However, he is a survivor and is doing really well.


Thank you for bringing him into our lives. He has not only taught us what unconditional love is, but showed us that every obstacle has a solution. He is such a sweet heart! My mom-in-law even offers to take care of him over the weekends because she loves having him around.

- Jessintha


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