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Help Us to Help More Animals

Purely Adoptions Facebook was created in 2009 with the objective of sharing people’s post about puppies, stray animals and home pets up for adoptions. Over time, more and more like-minded people came onboard and we grew into a community but our mission still remains the same as a decade ago which is to:

To rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for cats and dogs in need within our community.

To help reduce the number of stray and abandoned pets in Singapore through advocating, fostering and adoption.

Embark on this journey with us! Help save more animals:


GIve a rescue a loving home


Contribute to our rescue missions


Help us foster and rehabilitate

Animals Rescued Till Date:


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We are lucky our rescues found loving families and warm homes. View their adoption tales here where adopters share their experience and why they have chosen to adopt and not shop.

News & Resources

A well informed community is an empowered one as well. Take a look at the latest news and resources below, and help spread the word about all the amazing developments and animal welfare work taking place at Purely Adoptions.

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