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Completing their family with Joy!

We are thrilled to share the delightful news that our precious Twixy, formerly known as Joy, has found her forever family! Yesterday, David and May opened their hearts and home to Twixy, completing their family once again. Many of you may remember David and May from last year when they adopted Tammy @tammy_thatsme_ from us. Tammy has since brought endless joy and love into their lives, becoming an irreplaceable member of their family. Recognizing Tammy’s need for a furry companion, David and May knew that Twixy would be the perfect addition to their household when they came across her adoption post 😍

Although Twixy initially displayed shyness and timidity upon arriving at her new home, she found solace and comfort in the presence of other cats. While she spent the first and second days of her “home sweet home” hiding away, her spirits brightened as soon as she crossed paths with Tammy. We are hopeful that Twixy will continue to find reassurance and companionship in Tammy’s presence, gradually opening up and embracing her new surroundings 🙏

David and May, Thank you for choosing to adopt from Purely Meow again 🙏 Your compassion and dedication to providing a loving environment for these precious cats are truly commendable. Twixy, may your days be filled with love, warmth, and endless cuddles in your new furrever home. Here’s to a beautiful journey ahead for Twixy, Tammy, David, and May. Wishing you all a lifetime of purrs, joy and cherished memories together! 🧡🐾

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation once more to our generous sponsors for their unwavering support of our adoption program: @silverskypets,, @zealpetfood, @amberartgallerysg, @petmagazinesg, and @wsnandfriends.

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