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Tofu's life is made perfect!

"As a family with young kids and no dog experience, adoption felt like a distant dream after checking with various welfare organizations. Just when we were almost out of hope, we decided to visit the Suntec fair for one last try, and that was when we met Tofu at the Purely Adoptions booth.

His gentle and chill personality won us over, and it was a joy to know that he might be a perfect match. After bonding visits filled with playful moments, we grew attached to Tofu and eagerly awaited his arrival for a trial homestay. It wasn't always easy – there were many "firsts" for everyone. But Tofu, with his adaptable nature, aced them all.

The team from Purely Adoption helped us navigate the adoption process and gave us confidence as first-time pawrents. Special thanks to Tofu's fosterer, Pei, for sharing her knowledge and making Tofu's transition into our family smooth sailing.

It was heartwarming to witness Tofu blossom from a shy, thin pup into a confident and healthy doggie. We can't wait for countless adventures with Tofu by our side and are grateful to Purely Adoptions for making our adoption dreams a reality!"

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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