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The Purely Team


Patrick Cher, President

“Every strays and abandoned animals deserve a family and a home. Purely Adoptions will like to help them to find their furever home.”


Estella Lien, Vice President

“I’m addicted…to the smile of the wounded furry souls and the joy of appreciative people. This beautiful unison of unwanted animals to the right families magically transforms rescue work into something meaningful and powerful.”


Jacinta Goh, Secretary

“There’s nothing I love more than seeing smiling faces and wagging tails when animals find their forever families. It’s the best part of being a volunteer with Purely Adoptions!. Join our fur-family today!”


Adeline Kwong, PurelyShop

“We should be kind to animals for the simple reason that unlike humans, they cannot speak up for themselves. By helping them, we are giving them hope, love and most importantly a reason to look forward to a brand new day. We cannot change an animal’s past but we can definitely rewrite their future! Love them and a new lease of life!”

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 22.50.17.png

Irene Ng, PurelyWoof & PurelyMeow Manager

“I have rescued and rehomed many dogs over the years and even though I know that saving one dog will not change the world, it will however change that one dog’s world forever. I want to encourage people to cherish your pet as you would own as life. 🐾”

PM Jenny.jpeg

Jenny Cheong, PurelyMeow-Cat Division

"Passionate about feline welfare,  my mission  extends beyond rescue work after joining Purely Adoptions; I aim to raise awareness and educate the public about the importance of responsible cat ownership, ensuring the cats receive lifelong care and affection in a safe home."


Jamie Goh, PurelyWoof-Dog Division

"Every home should have a dog! When you offer a stray dog a safe space off the streets, you save its life, and you complete your family too. My mission in Purely Adoptions is to complete many families!  Street dogs can be wary, cautious and traumatised. To witness a transformation under a fosterer's or adopter's committed care is inspiring and reminds me that all we need are love and kindness."


Pamela Wong, PurelyFoster - Cat & Dog

“Your simple act of fostering a pet can have a life -changing impact on the animal. When you foster a pet, be it from the streets, or a cat in a cattery, you are helping to give it a home. The simple act of fostering allows rescuers to focus on saving more animals, knowing that there is a network of fosters who we can count on to help rehabilitate and rehome stray or abandoned animals. Join us to learn more about fostering and kickstart your fostering journey with us today!”

Shelby Pix_edited.jpg

Shelby Doshi, Education & PR Manager

“Caring for animals is not just a duty, it's a privilege”

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