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Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Stevie the wonder cat

You don’t seek attention to yourself; You don’t create problem to others

You don’t meow unnecessarily; not even when you are in pain

You don’t hiss at anything; unless you thought you are in danger

You thought love means having food once a day, in a corner of the carpark

You don’t expect people to help you; because you thought you are supposed to just fade away

But love means so much more.

Love means receiving affection which you seldom receive.

Love means sleeping in a safe place and not in the busy carpark

Loves means not having to worry about whether you will have food for the day

Love means having a final resting place, regardless of how much time you have left

Why didn’t anyone help her before?

After a visit to @oasisvetclinic , her prognosis is not favorable.

Stevie is at least 10 years old and has early stage kidney failure which means she need to be on a low phos/ kidney diet food for the rest of her life. She will need to have regular subcutaneous injection, she has weak gums which means we will have to bring her for teeth extraction in the near future. She has a lump on her nose which may be cancerous. Why can’t Stevie just have a break?

But Stevie is a champ. She is a sweet , gentle and loving old gal

She has blur vision due to her kidney disease but she can see from her heart.

I cried when I see her finally enjoying petting from foster @furryfosters_sg

I wonder how long has she gone on thinking nobody loves her? How long has she lived in a carpark? Was she abandoned after she is no longer cute? How long has it been before anyone petted her? So many questions but those are the past.

Would you help us help cats like Stevie? We don’t expect much. Just support us by buying a calendar at $10 each. You can order the calendars from me directly by messaging me direct or pick up a copy from various vet clinics, or online from@amberartgallery.

Your $10 will help us continue our journey. Your $10 represent hope for the rescued animals

28 NOVEMBER 2020

can be found on her latest post!!

We had brought her to get her dental issue settled because we believe this aunty deserve a fighting chance. She is so sweet that during examination, she can just sleep like a koala bear while being cuddle by the doctor. Kudos to her fosters!!

My heart ache for Aunty Stevie, I always wondered what happened to her in the past but I keep telling myself to move forward and forget What Had Happened but focus on What Will Happened.

Please do send positive vibes for Stevie!! We will update everyone in due time!!! 😻

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