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1 JUNE 2019

Our Lights siblings - Twilight and Starlight really has a rough start to life. Beside being abandoned at a void deck stair case with ants crawling all over them, covered w mites and what naught, they tried their best to survive. However, Starlight the tabby has become weaker and we rushed him back to the vet and he was diagnosed with Coccidia. A rare form of parasite. Starlight will need all the help he can get. Perhaps this is the reason why he was dumped out with Twilight

With proper medication and care, we hope Starlight gets well soon so that we can find a forever home for him.

For adopters who wonder why we rescuers collects adoption fees, this is where the funds collected are used for. If you think taking on a rescue case is cheap, you really have to step in and help. Then u will understand. So please don't come start questioning why legitimate rescuers are asking for adoption fees, don't insult rescuers by bargaining on adoption fees.

Right now, Starlight need all the help he can get. Please send him your prayers and we hope he can pull through

6 JUNE 2019

Fundraising appeal closed

Urgent $10,000 Fundraising Appeal for 6 week young kitten Starlight 🙏🙏

On Hari Raya holidays, while most people are enjoying a day off or celebrating, Starlight, the 5 weeks young kitten, is fighting for a chance to survive; a chance to be able to grow up and be like any other normal cat. However, in order to do that, Starlight needs your urgent help tremendously.

Starlight was found thrown out like garbage together with his Sister Twilight recently in a filthy carton box filled with ants. While we are glad that Twilight is healthy upon a check-up, it is not the same for Starlight 😞Starlight was lethargic, kept puking out whatever food he ate and was literally listless 🤮

We brought him back to Dr Nair @oasisvet for a more detailed checkup and to our shock, Starlight was diagnosed with both coccidia, a very rare parasite, and Vascular Ring Anomaly, which caused him to have constant food regurgitation.

*What is Vascular Ring Anomaly?*

This condition can lead to compression of the esophagus, a condition commonly referred to as megaesophagus, which causes one to regurgitate food. Regurgitation is not the same as vomiting. In cats with vascular ring anomalies, food never makes it to the stomach and is stopped at a narrowing, or obstructed area in the esophagus. Vascular ring anomalies are dangerous as they not only prevent your cat from receiving the correct nutrition, they can also result in secondary conditions brought about by regurgitation.

There are a few additional ancillary conditions that may occur as a result of the regurgitation, namely Pneumonia, Malnutrition and consistent Weight loss 😪

Starlight must go through surgery to remove this anomaly in order for him to stay alive. Left untreated, Starlight will die. Perhaps this is one of the reason why he was abandoned in the first place. *Vet has informed us that Starlight has so much fighting spirit in him that we should consider giving him a second chance in life.*

Starlight’s scheduled surgery will be next Monday, 10th June 2019. As this is a very complex surgery due to his young age, Dr Nair @oasisvet, consultant specialist Dr Mcguire and anaesthetic specialist Dr Maddern will be involved in the surgery. Please help us help him to get better. Starlight will also need to be warded for at least a week after surgery to make sure there are no complications.

Till date, we had already spent approximately $1000 but this is not enough to fund his surgery. His total surgery plus post op care will reach approximately $10k. Please refer to estimated surgery cost as attached. (Facebook) Please also watch the video to see the strong fighting spirit in this special boy.

Your donations will make a huge difference in this special boy’s life. No amount is too small. You can donate in the following manners by indicating “Starlight medical bill” as reference with

1. UOB Current A/C : 631-302-019-0

2. PayNow the UEN is :2014-314-26W-PA8

3. Write a cheque to “Purely Adoptions Limited” and post to : PO Box 236 Thomson Road Post Office

Singapore 915708

Thank you in advance, and we will update everyone on his progress towards recovery. Please share this post!

Music credit : Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

(in our video)

7 JUNE 2019

Fundraising appeal closed

Updates on Starlight fundraising appeal


We would like to thank each and everyone who had donated to help Starlight get better. As of till date, we had managed to raise approximately $6000 for Starlight's surgery on coming Monday. We do apologise for not being able to update the donors list as we would want to keep everyone inform on the fund raising status at the moment. We also like to thank Dr Maddern@anaesthesia_vet who make a trip down to assess Starlight today


However we are still short of our targetted amount. Please do help us to share this post out. Donations methods can be via either method and any amount is truly appreciated.


1. UOB Current A/C : 631-302-019-0

2. PayNow the UEN is :2014-314-26W-PA8

3. Write a cheque to “Purely Adoptions Limited” and post to : PO Box 236 Thomson Road Post Office

Singapore 915708

10 JUNE 2019

Fund raising appeal closed

Updates on Starlight the mighty fighter


We are please to announce that the crucial surgery which Starlight must have is a success. Starlight is a champ and is continuing to survive. We hope with this surgery, he can become the happy go lucky kitten which we know he really is.


This 1 week of hospitalisation is very critical for him as well even though he is out of surgery. Dr Nair and her team @oasisvetclinic will be watching Starlight like an Eagle. Please send positive vibes to Starlight and let us pray he gets well soon.


We are also very humble to have Dr Maddern @anaesthesia_vet staying back late after surgery to ensure Starlight is ok. Dr Mcguire for performing the much needed surgery. Lastly, we really want to thank all the donors who had contributed to #pleasesavestarlight fundraising appeal. Without your help, this is not possible. An updated donor list can be located at Purely Adoptions Facebook post


We will keep everyone updated on Starlight's progress and I do apologise if our updates are slow at times.

11 JUNE 2019

Today is a sad day for all of us.

This morning we received news that Starlight had passed away. This has been a shocking news when the nurse called and informed us.

StarLight was a fighter, he had great spirit in him. He was a kitten who braved the surgery. We had lost a hero.

Please Heaven bless Starlight and present him with a beautiful pair of wings and transform him to be an Angel. Starlight please watch over all the stray cats and dogs from Heaven!

We have arrange for private cremation at

Date: Thurs 13 Jun 2019

Time : 2pm

Venue : 81 Seletar West Farmway 5

Spore 798061

Should you like to come and bid farewell to Starlight for one last time, please come and join us.

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