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Charlie The Cat

5 JANUARY 2020

Please help us to help Charlie get better. Every but counts. #Repost @catlady_ning

[CHARLIE'S APPEAL] Charlie can't move his back legs ☹ Charlie was so scared when he was found, he dragged himself away on his front legs! Please help Charlie!

Hello! I am Charlie Cat. On 28 Dec, I found myself stuck over a low ledge! You see, my back legs don't work & I cannot walk with them. Foster daddy found me during his feeding round. I was most likely abandoned because I am paralysed. Since being rescued, I've been to many places & prodded!

Charlie has a spinal cord injury with subluxation of L1-L2 vertebrae. This is an old injury with lack of pain response & muscle wastage caused by unknown trauma- he could have fallen from height, hit by a car, etc. Charlie suffered in the time his injury was left untreated & still shows soreness in his back.

However, we have reason to be optimistic! Charlie has shown some bladder & bowel function- very important for quality of life. Charlie is bright, active, & interested in his surroundings. He has a good appetite & great temperament. Charlie has had 1 acupuncture treatment & responded favourably.


Charlie needs treatment for a chance to regain mobility. He needs an intensive set of 10 sessions & maintenance sessions after. Acupuncture sessions are $72.80. The intensive set costs $728.

Charlie is on TCM supplements for his bladder & circulation. For 5 weeks, it costs $120.

We are appealing for donations to pay for Charlie's intensive acupuncture treatment & TCM supplements. Our donation target is $848.

Charlie uses at least 4 diapers & 5 pee pads a day; 120 diapers & 150 pee pads a month. We are appealing for donations of pee pads & diapers (baby newly born size).


Charlie may have internal injuries which need follow-up. We are advised by vets to focus on his mobility, bladder & bowel functions now. Clinically, he is doing well in other areas. Any surplus funds raised will go towards Charlie's other medical needs.

➡Donation details in comments. Please share & thank you

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