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The stories of the 4 kittens: Ginko, Maxxa & Grey, Chira


Ginko was rescued from a construction site, all alone and meowing her head off looking for food and shelter one day. She was the only kitten there so we suspect she may had been abandoned.Ginko (renamed as Mel) has since been adopted & is BFF with her furblings and can often seen disturbing her meowmy when she is doing her art & craft.

Maxxa and Grey

As most of you know, Maxxa was rescued from an industrial park, after all her siblings had passed away and mommy cat disappear. Maxxa was fostered together with Grey and I must say Maxxa is the one who brought Grey out of her shell (slowly but definetly)

Grey was super cautious & defensive & often want to hide in a corner. It took Grey a while to open up with Maxxa’s help. We are extremely happy when Kenneth decided to adopt both gals & for giving the gals a great home!! Do follow them on their instagram @grey_and_max


She so traumatized before rescued that a decision was made to spilt her away from Mommy Lovely & Grey so that she can be rehab properly. She was later adopted by Daniel and Geraldine who are looking to adopt a buddy for their existing cat, Maomi. Do follow them @maomi_chira

We want to thank @the_cat_sketcher for helping to take Chira’s pre ad photos. Sponsors such as @silverskypets@petsmagazinesg for their sponsorship of our starter kit

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