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Prince (previously Archie) found his forever home! Thank-you Viishnu and family for adopting a Singapore special!

Prince's story:

'It was actually a real coincidence where my colleague was talking about the “senoko puppies” over lunchtime. Having longed to have a pet dog over the past 5 years after my Jack Russell’s demise, I went on to Purely Adoptions' IG page to look up more about them. We then home-stayed Archie and grew fond of the little puppy, and decided to adopt him.

Due to his Prince like personality, we renamed Archie as Prince. Prince is a very bubbly puppy who is sometimes a little mischievous. He loves playing soccer and tug & war. Whilst it may seem like all fun embarking on this means dedicating time and effort and lots of cleaning up. One needs to have full family support before making a definitive decision.

It is a really fulfilling journey to have a pet and see them grow up and become part of our family. A big shout out to the team at Purelywoof / Purely Adoptions and Theresa for guiding and supporting us through this journey. We will ensure that we provide the best for Prince' - Viishnu

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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