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Pandoro gotcha day!😸

We’re thrilled to announce that our delightful boy Pandoro, formerly known as Dobby, has found his purrfect forever family! 🏠 He’s now living happily with three other siblings who adore him as much as he loves them ❤️

Just last December, Pandoro was discovered abandoned in a market, looking scruffy and malnourished. After receiving treatment for his skin condition, flu, and diarrhea, he bounced back with an unwavering zest for life, bringing joy to everyone he meets. With a perpetual smile on his face, Pandoro has a knack for capturing hearts and stopping traffic, or rather people, in their tracks for a play and cuddle session. He’s truly an angel 😻

His adopter, who has a soft spot for tabby cats, fell in love with Pandoro at first sight. Despite his prolonged recovery from his skin condition, Pandoro’s adopter never gave up on him, and we’re incredibly grateful for her dedication 🙏

Now, Pandoro resides in bliss with his loving mummy and three siblings—Pumpkin, Paprika, and Pecan. He gets along well with them and especially enjoys playful romps with Pecan 😝 Pandoro adores it when his mummy brushes him, as evidenced by the sheer delight captured in the accompanying video.

Pandoro has come a long way, and seeing him so happy and cherished fills our hearts with joy. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to his mummy for giving him a second chance at life and showering him with love. Be sure to follow @ tansleytabby to witness the infectious smiles and playful antics of Pandoro and his siblings! 😘😻

Thank you @ye_ye_nway_aung for rescuing Pandoro and @mymoggyromance for going the extra miles and taking such good care of him 🙏

We would like to express our gratitude once again to our generous sponsors for supporting our adoption program : @silverskypets @zealpetfood @amberartgallerysg @petmagazinesg @wsnandfriends

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