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Mirin is adopted! Thank you Gary and Jae for giving a Singapore special a home!

'We started by fostering Mirin from Purelywoof. When she arrived, newly “graduated” from SPCA’s TNR project, she was very skittish and tried her best to avoid us. She even waited until we were fast asleep at night before venturing out of her corner to eat her meals.

While still getting to grips with her new environment, she tried her best to keep her/our home clean and showed glimpses of her playful and loving personality.

Puppy steps - it took a while for her to open up, and now she engages Jae for play. It was very satisfying to see her open up slowly but surely, and adopting Mirin was an easy decision to make. I look forward to the time she opens up to me too.

Do give street dogs a chance. The time, patience, and love that you invest will be well rewarded.

Kudos to Irene and her team at Purelywoof for supporting Mirin (and Jae!) from fostering to being part of our home. Your detailed management of expectations, guidance, resources, check-ins, and open helpline are very much appreciated! - Gary

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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