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Lost injured Cat (Yuan Yuan)

5 May 2021

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Missing injured cat @ciyuancc located within Hougang.

We were alerted to an injured cat being located outside the CC late last night and we sprung into action. Trying to trap the cat so that proper medical attention can be given to her. However, this cat even though injured, managed to escape down the drain and disappear.

For anyone staying near that area, if you had seen the cat, please contact me.

@purelymeowdayne ASAP. Cat is defensive now as it is in pain. Please do not chase the cat. Just stay with the cat. If this is your missing pet, please note that it is injured and need medical help urgently.


Update on 8 May 2021

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Update on injured cat at Ci Yuan CC

Please note that I didn't forget about this injured cat even though I had been busy with #amkcatabuse case. There had been sightings of her within the vicinity. Even though she is injured, she was seen at roof top garden a few times by the security guard, she was seen last night by a concerned resident staying nearby. We went down nearly every single night ever since we know about her existence. We will try our best to get her tonight so if anyone staying nearby the area knows anyone is feeding this cat, please tell them not to feed her so that we can successfully trap her. Please be my eyes and tell me if you seen her, please don't approach her and spook her off. We need to get her medical help fast. I'm a worried mess... So please help!


Update on 9 May 2021

The Greatest Cat Mummy’s Day Present! PurelyMeow Team trapped the injured cat at 130am this morning! Great Job @purelymeowdayne Dayne & Team

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne A successful trapping of Ci Yuan injured cat

The day started bad as it was raining and I was worried that it will be yet another failed night. But when the rain stopped, I'm hopeful that finally, someone up there listened to my prayers that this cat need help. This would not have happened if it wasn't for concerned public who had checked out the location for us, informed us of this cat's sighting and giving us hope that there is a chance for this cat.

It was an intensive wait for this cat to go into the trap. It was super wary of humans and even though she was super hungry, she don't seemed to want to go into the trap. We waited for her for about an hour before she finally went in. I was literally shaking and couldn't believe that we finally got the cat. I seriously don't know what is to come for this cat. Is the paw no longer be able to heal? Is it going to have a permanent limp? Does it need an amputation? Too many unknown but yet I know it is finally safe. I can sleep better tonight knowing it is not hiding in some drain, waiting to die.

For every rescue we rescuers took in, we invest time, money, our mental health etc. We all know it is never easy and it's not a journey which everyone will want to take, but we are compel to help. The next time u see an animal in need, step up to help. It's not going to be a walk in the park, but you need to know you had made a difference, not to the world, but to that 1 particular animal in need, it is their world.

This unnamed cat will be going to the vet tmr and hopefully, the vet cost will not be crazily expensive. If not I have to fund raise again & I think the public will bash me up for it. And good morning /good night to you, depending on what time u r reading this, it is 3am as I posted this and now I can go to bed. Sweet dreams!


Update on 11 May 2021

whom I named as Yuan Yuan for now.

As you can see from the xray, her injured limp is completely shattered. The fracture is too severe.This type of fracture is termed as a condylar fracture. We consulted a few vets and amputation is the way to save Yuan Yuan. I had a chat with Dr Eunice of @oasisvetclinic And she had determined Yuan Yuan had suffered this fracture about 3 to 4 weeks back. I can imagine her pain and agony. She had been out on the streets for as long as 3 months back if information gathered is correct and she is only 7 months old. Her injury could be a result of vehicular accident or it could be a fall, we cannot be sure. But all these are in the past now.

We can only move forward and give her a better life. She is eating well even though she does hiss at the vet techs a bit as she is in pain. But Yuan Yuan is a brave gal throughout her ordeal and we are hopeful she will have a great life ahead too.

I will be visiting at clinic tmr and will update everyone on her current status. Do stay tuned!! I want to thank everyone who had helped us along the way and the journey is still on going esp for this gal.


Update on Yuan Yuan

On behalf of Yuan Yuan and the team @purelyadoptions #purelymeow, we want to wish all our friends who are celebrating Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

Do remember to practise social distancing but don't forget to eat all the yummy food during this period! Diet can come another day!


Update on 19 May 2021

Who is this chick with a bandage on her head?? Updates on #ciyuankitten Yuan Yuan coming up later today!! Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy : the ameowzing team @oasisvetclinic


Update on 20 May 2021

Yuan Yuan will be going for her surgery tomorrow to amputate her shattered limb @oasisvetclinic. During this past weeks of her staycation with the great team, she has shown us what resilience is all about. We still cannot believe she survive out in the streets with a shattered limb for at least a month before we rescued her off the streets. If it wasn't for the alert from @slowdown.sara, Yuan Yuan may still be hopping around at the CC.

Yuan Yuan is so friendly that everytime the vet tech went to visit her in her area, she will want to hop onto their shoulders or she would want to be carried. She is truly a super sweet gal who deserve a second chance.

We are Hopeful with her surgery tomorrow and will update everyone on her progress. Please do keep Yuan Yuan in your prayers and send positive vibes for her to heal soon.


Update on 21 May 2021 #ciyuankitten

I'm happy to announce that Yuan Yuan's surgery is a success! She has been recuperating well, eating well and as usual, growl for attention and love from the great team of @oasisvetclinic

Yuan Yuan should make a full recovery soon but for these 3 days, she will be hospitalise at the clinic to make sure she heal well. Once she gets the go ahead to be discharge we will board her for medical boarding for the time being so make sure there are no complications or infections to her wound before going to Foster home.

In view of the on going #amkcatabuse, we had decided to not use the balance funds from the first donation which was initially to be used for Yuan Yuan but to keep it for usage for the Amk cats instead.

We had yet to receive Yuan Yuan's final bill and may most likely need to fund raise for her medical cost. I will update in due time. In the meantime, thank you for your support and keep on sending positive vibes for Yuan Yuan


Update on 27 May 2021

It is nearly a week since Yuan Yuan went for amputation surgery she has been healing well. There had been some swelling at her wound site which is why she had been undergoing cold pressure on a daily basis. Yuan Yuan is a growler as you can hear from the video. I think she is irritated with the medications which are necessary for her to get well soon.

Even though she sound unfriendly, she is a koala bear by heart. She loves to be cuddle by humans and love attention. She will be discharge from clinic soon and we are hopeful that she will fully recover soon. To a better and brighter future for Yuan Yuan!! 😻 😻

Yuan Yuan definetly has won the hearts of the amazing team @oasisvetclinic. We hope she will melt your heart in the near future too!! ♥️❤️


13 June 2021

Fund raising appeal for #ciyuankitten Yuan Yuan

It is now time for us to raise funds for Yuan Yuan who had been thriving under foster care! Her rescue journey lasted for about 2 months and it is still on going.

From knowing of her existence, to being able to rescue her from the dangers of the streets, to knowing her limb could no longer be repaired surgically, to her amputation and recovery, it hasn't been easy at all. All these comes at a cost, but we are glad that Yuan Yuan has been adjusting well after her surgery.

She has started to learn how to Hop up and down platform, jump onto working desk, playing with feather toys and literally being the kitten that she should be. We are happy to see her transformation but would néed your help. Her vet cost comes up to about $3050 and it will still go up as she needs to go back for another review in a months time. We are Hoping to Raise at least $3200 for her expenses. Please help us by donating to the below methods with the reference #ciyuankitten

1. UOB Current A/C : 631-302-019-0 2. PayNow the UEN is :2014-314-26W-PA8

Every bit counts and on behalf of the @purelyadoptions team and Yuan Yuan herself, thank you so much in advance!


Update on 23 June 2021 Yuan Yuan and Tammy

Yuan Yuan fund raising!

Thank you so much for your help!! On behalf of Yuan Yuan and the team, we are truly blessed for your help!! We had exceeded the amount we are hoping to raise to help Yuan Yuan and had enough funds to help with Tammy the ginger kitten at the same time. We would not be able to do it without your help!

A little bit about Tammy the ginger gal. She was rescued from an industrial park which has stray dogs. Most of her siblings had been killed by the dogs and Tammy is fortunate to be rescue. Tammy came down with a bad viral infection recently and was hospitalize recently. She has since been discharge and under foster care.

Both Yuan Yuan and Tammy will be going for their vet review in a couple of weeks time and we will keep everyone posted about their progress.

Both gals will be up for adoption soon and we look forward to finding a great home for them

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