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Julius and his forever home!

We honestly don't quite know why we were attracted to Julius (formerly known as Milky) - he is deadly afraid of walks and most things outdoors, is still missing the pee pads, has a forever blur king look, and takes a long time to train because he is sometimes afraid of our hands when we give him treats too fast.

And yet, after fostering so many dogs for PurelyWoof, Julius shouted out to us in a super unique way. He made Joyce feel how they used to feel when they had their first dog at 12 y.o. 🥹

Julius is a quiet boy who only shows his mischievous side with our other two Singapore Specials, Quiaen and Jarvis. He is currently on medication for Babesia Gibsoni and while his gums are still pale, he is fighting hard and bringing colour into everyone's lives. His chill personality means that he truly gives us space (like a little old man) when we need to attend to our other dogs. He'll find subtle ways to bring the attention back to him when the time is right, like nudging his nose on our thighs or lifting his paw to show that he is ready for training and treating. We suspect that he is a lot more intelligent than he lets on. 😉

When we made the decision to adopt Julius, we knew that we'll be by his side through it all - through the difficult walks to (hopefully) seeing him enjoy each and every walk in time to come, through fighting Babesia to (hopefully) seeing him regain energy and colour in his gums, through the countless cleaning of pee and poop, through every training, through every day. 💯

Are there "better" dogs? For sure! We've fostered so many dogs with better temperaments, who were easy to walk, who got their pee pad training in less than a day, who were smaller and cuter, or older and more obedient.

But all dogs are great dogs and Julius, in this time and season, is the best addition to our family. ❤

For all potential adopters out there, we hope you find your "best dog" too. We're sure that once you are ready to give love and space, your best dog will come to you too. 💫🐾🐾💖

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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