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Forever Home for Wally!

Wally the beagle found his forever home!! We are touched that Yuhan never give up on him even though he is not an easy dog to take care. Thank you Yuhan.

"Wally is the sweetest and most loving old dog with the energy of a puppy and appetite of 2 human adults. Despite his anxiety and aggression towards just about everything - food, his toys, other dogs, the door, bicycles, little children, and snapping at everything that irritates him because he is a grumpy old man - we have been able to teach him gradually that he can trust us around the things that trigger him, and how to be more gentle towards us even when he is uncomfortable. He has learnt new tricks, become more cuddly, run/jump/climb stairs better, and got into great shape. Even though he still barks a little too much and is still snappy, with our patience he has been able to adapt and learn when to stop. Wally entering my life has brought us much more reward than I would have ever expected despite the literal blood, sweat and tears."- Adopter Yuhan

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