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Forever Home for Batman!

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Adoption confirmation of Batman

Batman was a victim of corridor feeding by irresponsible feeders. This resulted in Batman being a nuisance to residents who dislikes cats instead of being a hero. When complaints came in, the feeders simply ignore his fate as to them, they only feed.

Corridor feeding is a type of ignorance: giving food to cats along common areas cause harm instead when the cats defecate/urinate along the corridor. If you are feeding roaming cats along corridor, please feed them at the void deck instead and clean up after feeding.

All these can be prevented. Do not be an irresponsible cat feeder.

We want to thank his adopters, Miss Anonymous x2, for giving him his forever home and his fosterers, T and B, for contributing greatly to Batman’s transition! Batman is truly blessed to have met such wonderful pawrents who continue to help him with his food allergies. You ladies rock!!

Do follow Batman's journey @battiebatuta

We would like to also thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause through the years. @Silverskypets @noelwhiskylifestyle @petsmagazinesg @aiweisia_designs @shopee_sg @bonesoffalmeat @amberartgallerysg

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