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Forever Home for Ashlee!

We are happy to share the news that Ashlee had been adopted by the loving family of Kalya and Luke today. The journey had been a challenging yet fulfilling one for Ashlee.

Ashlee was rescued off the shopping website Carousel in March by foster Kelly when she happened to be browsing on the app. Ashlee weighed only abt 2.2kg when she was rescued & very malnourished. From the information gathered, she was "Lelong" on fb earlier and that's how she landed in the home of the Carouseller who was in fact just a secondary school kid who always wanted a cat but didn't truly understand the commitment needed to have a pet. Ashlee was locked up in a cage at a corridor when she was picked up.

We are glad her nightmare was all over. Kudos to Foster Kelly who rehab and took care of Ashlee for the past few months and even though its bittersweet for Foster Kelly, the journey of fostering is always saying goodbye to the fostered kids and getting them ready for their new homes.

Do follow Ashlee, now renamed to Willo on her new Instagram page @pumpkin.and.willo which she shared with her new furbro Pumpkin. And we look forward to seeing their antics as times goes.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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