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Congratulations to pawrents Sonia and husband Boon for adopting Miles!

From Mami Sonia:

"My childhood memories were filled fondly with many small pets, but never a dog or a cat. One thing my parents taught me was that we are responsible for caring for a pet throughout its life. When my husband agreed to having a pet dog, we decided to visit a few adoption drives that happened in 2022.

We took some time to settle into our new house and finally we were ready! Our first Singapore Special was a sweet old man who unfortunately passed too quickly. We chanced upon Miles’s profile on Facebook and decided to drop a message to enquire, and the rest was history. While a dog is a huge responsibility, they bring double joy to our lives! We love watching Miles gaining confidence and growing in leaps and bounds in just days. We would like to thank his fosterers Alicia and Gao Rui along with their senior Singapore Special Max for being such an amazing role model to Miles. And to Purely Adoptions, thank you for the efforts in keeping these Specials safe and giving us this opportunity to make a difference in these mongrels’ lives."

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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