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Boy Boy

Purely Adoptions was first alerted on 14 December 2016 of a sickly cat who was not eating. The feeder is a cleaner working in a factory and she does not have the means of bringing Boy Boy to the vet. Our friend, Shindy Lam, requested for our help and we sprang into action. We asked for Shindy to inform the cleaner to bring to our vet at Mount Pleasant at Mandai Road. At the vet, Boy Boy was tested positive for FeLV and FIV. He also has severe anaemia and had to be hospitalized for a few days. The bill came up to $732.30.

Boy Boy is our first cat rescued and we are surprised at how easy it was to take care of cats in comparison to dogs. It seems like innate for Cat to maintain a high level of hygiene and it almost appear that they have an “ OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)”. We found it oddly amusing to see their disgust at their own pee and poo and the cat litter and how they clean themselves almost incessantly. On the other hand, Cats are generally very quiet pets who naps a lot. They barely meow even at the sight of strangers unlike dogs. They looked very cute especially when they slouch against the wall and we secretly made the decision to fatten Boy Boy into a black and white Garfield.

He has since been discharged and put under medication for 2 weeks. We were told that Boy Boy’s health has improved tremendously and even gained 1kg when we brought him back for a checkup. We are currently fostering Boy Boy in an office as we do not have any cat fosterer and hospitalization fee is high. However, we made sure to take care of him well in the office and pampered him with treats, toys, scratch board and all day long buffet. We also made sure that he could have a comfortable rest by maintaining the air conditioning throughout the night.

He likes playing hide and seek in the office too.

Although he is still under medication, the number of medicine he is required to take has been reduced to 1 type, with 1 other being liver supplement. Boy Boy is definitely on his road to recovery. He is even wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Boy Boy has been recuperating well at the Fosterer’s office and has since put on 2kg from when he was rescued. Previously, he was severely anemic and his condition was worrying. However, his conditions have stabilized and is definitely enjoying every moment in the office, napping away amidst the buzz.

29 April 2017

We brought Boy Boy in for another checkup on 29 April and we are saddened to be told that his condition has reverted to the original state when he was rescued. In other words, his red blood cell count has fallen dangerously low and he is severely anemic. Boy Boy is feline leukemia (FeLV) positive.

FeLV is a widespread but incurable virus that suppresses a cat’s immune system. The common symptoms of FeLV are lethargy, poor appetite, pale gum, painful oral disease and dull coat. As much as we do not want to face it, Boy Boy seems to have all the symptoms and there is no known treatment for the disease. Dr Kitty from Mount Pleasant (Mandai) hinted in subtly that he may succumb ultimately.

This saddened us greatly as Boy Boy is the first cat that Purely Adoptions has rescued and it has been an interesting journey learning about cats through his daily habits. Most importantly, he has been a very good boy at his fosterer’s place and everyone adores him. He has seemingly become a part of the office. However, we remained hopeful that Boy Boy’s condition will improve after the boost injection since he is relatively young after all.

It's tough being a stray animal and Boy Boy was lucky to be saved by stray feeder Ambal. Ambal's friend Shindy then notified us of the case and since then, Boy Boy became our responsibility. However, Boy Boy is one of the rare lucky ones. There are many strays cats and dogs out there waiting to be saved or to have a home. If you have the space in your house or office for 1 stray animals, please reach out and provide a roof over their head. You will be helping to reduce the strays' population while saving these poor homeless animals from hunger, thirst and the harsh weather.

To Boy Boy’s rescuer Ambal, we hoped that you can be constantly updated of Boy Boy’s progress through our webpage and Facebook page. We are deeply touched to know that you visit Boy Boy everyday after work when he was hospitalized.

To Shindy, thank you for your kind donation of $100. We are sorry to hear that Boy Boy’s friend did not make it through to the vet. Life being a stray is tough and we can only do the best we could to help as many strays out there.

We will like to appeal for donations towards Boy Boy’s medical treatments. The medical bill is piling and we hope that the Public can extend their kind assistance to lessen our burden. No amount is too little. Boy Boy’s medical bill has thus far totaled $826.58. We still have an outstanding bill of $726.58 as of May.

If you would like to help, you can transfer your cash donation to Purely Adoptions UOB Current Account 631-302-0190 and leave a “Boy Boy” remark or you can write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to: PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office, Singapore 915708 with a remark "Boy Boy".

Donations Received:

Shindy Lam $100

Thank you for your kind contributions, we will keep everyone update on the progress of Boy Boy.

We are Purely Adoptions and we pray for the recovery of Boy Boy.


23 July 2017

Boy Boy, our first rescued cat crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday morning. He was found lying near the office glass door. Boy Boy has been feeling weak for the past few days, losing his appetite and refusing to eat. He would only eat paste food and medicine. He could not balance well either and lost control of his bowel.

Everyone in the office started to prepare for the worse and Shikin, Boy Boy's dedicated nanny, prepared a Baju (Cloth) and Talcum powder for him in advance. Saturday was the last time that the adopter carried him, telling him to be strong. He looked straight into Adopter's eyes, enjoying every single embrace he received.

Alvin from Mobile Pet Cremation Service offered "Reincarnation Holy Paper" to be burnt together and it is a comforting gesture. It sent a sweet message saying that Boy Boy will be reincarnated soon.

Boy Boy is finally resting at Adopter's house together with the rest of her past pets. Boy Boy will always be the special one as he is the first cat the Adopter has ever taken care of.

Run free Boy Boy, the adopter's doggies Velvet, Bernie and Chili are all waiting to receive you. You will be deeply missed by everyone who knows and loved you.

17 July 2017

Boy Boy our first rescued cat went for his checkup today and we received a bad news from Dr Gloria. His bone marrow is not producing enough red blood cells and there's a chance that he might collapse. His blood is described to be like red liquid syrup when the vet tech took some sample for his blood test.

It has been 7 months since Boy Boy was rescued by Stray Feeder Ambal and since then, he has been staying at Fosterer's office recuperating. (Fosterer is unable to bring Boy Boy home as she has dogs at home). Boy Boy has been a joy to everyone in the office. He has the freedom to roam around, sleep in the Boss's room and was even allowed to rummage through the trash bin and scratch the cardboard boxes to entertain himself. Although the fosterer took good care of him, it is sad that his health is not improving and had taken a turn for the worse.

However, a good news is that the Fosterer has decided to adopt Boy Boy. At least he is not a stray cat anymore. He is now a cat that is loved by the whole office. He has a home. He has family.

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