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A New Home for Jolly!

We are so excited that Jolly, was rescued from a sand quarry site in the west side of Singapore, finally found a home!

The Jolly story:

I have always wanted to adopt a Singapore Special.

Purely Adoptions was introduced to me by a very close friend of mine, and when I browsed the profiles of doggies available and I set my eyes on Jolly. She looked like that the dog I dreamt of a few weeks back. (As clinche as this story can get 🤭.)

As approved, Jolly came to our place on 22/4/2023 (her designated birthday) and she settled in very quickly in days.

Both Jolly and my family get along very well with her. Sometimes Jolly will even whine when we step away for showers! ❤️

Jolly even took up a serious responsibility in looking after Donut (my elderly schnauzer) and she is fully present at her tasks.

We are very grateful for the arrangements from Purely Adoptions and rescuer Aileen who arranged the entire adoption process so joyfully and seamlessly.

Thank you for Jolly 🐕‍🦺🐾 and we will continue to pass on the love and even more from our precious beloved dog (🪶👼🏻🐶Cream) for Jolly.

In our 1st walk with Jolly, we found a 🪶feather outside of our door. It symbolises that Cream has handed over a furkid that she thinks we can fully love her like how we did for her, and even more. Cream is now happy with the arrangement, and she is finally crossed the rainbow bridge and will be reincarnated to the next form she is designated. 🙏🏻🥰

❤️ welcome to your forever home, Jolly! 🐾You fit nicely in our home and our hearts, cheers to our adventures ahead!

Thank you Joanne for adopting. 💕🐾🐾

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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