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29 APRIL 2019


I believe we had surpass the amount we required for the surgery cost but please wait for me to update the donation list as I had never expected the outpouring support for Haru. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank each and everyone. I will also update on Haru's progress. Please be patient with me. Terribly sorry if I am slow in replying to each queries but rest assure that Haru will only get better from now onwards.

Next step in helping him is to find him a foster home. If you are able to help in fostering, please let me know. If your home is not cat proof but have window grilles, I am more than happy to come and mesh up your home. Do let me know!

In the meantime, please wait for my updates

A new face for Haru the cat (fund raising appeal)


*viewer discretion is advised*

Haru is a Japanese word that means "spring (season)" and Spring is the season of hope and renewal.

Haru was rescued from a restricted area and feeders in the area had never seen him at all until a few weeks back. My team and I suspected that Haru is most likely abandoned nearby and in his panic state, got into an accident. Haru may have accidentally sliced his face when he was trying to find a place to hide. Or he may have met with a vehicular accident which left his face deformed.Or perhaps he met a cat abuser. We are unsure what are the causes but we know we must help him.

Feeders managed to secure Haru and we had send Haru to Dr Kitty Huang of Furiends Veterinary Clinic. Under the observation and guidance of Dr Kitty and Dr Patrick Mcguire, in order to save Haru, they will have to reconstruct the nasal cavity by re connecting the nasal cartilage, follow by a need to reconstruct a flap serve as palate depending on how much of the palate is destructed. Estimated cost will be in the range of $4000 to $4500.

We must proceed to re-construct nasal cavity for Haru in order for him to survive. Can you imagine how much pain he must have been before he was rescued? Receipts and invoices will be posted after Haru’s surgery for clarity.

We are also urgently looking for experienced fosterer to come forward and help Haru. A cat proof home is a must.

Please help us with Haru’s medical expenses by donating in the following methods. Indicate for “Haru medical bill”

1. UOB Current A/C : 631-302-019-0

2. PayNow the UEN is :2014-314-26W-PA8

3. Write a cheque to “Purely Adoptions Limited” and post to : PO Box 236 Thomson Road Post Office

Singapore 915708

Thank you in advance, and we will update everyone on his progress towards recovery.

3 MAY 2019

Haru's swelling has gone down quite a bit and has been eating well. He is still fearful of humans which is understandable as he was only rescued just this week

We hope to move him into a foster home after getting the OK from both vets after his surgery to continue with his rehabilitation process. Our team will definetly help along the way. If there is anyone out there who is willing to Foster him, please get in touch with me

His surgery has been scheduled to be next week but rest assured that he is in good hands with Dr Kitty and her team at the moment. I will post more updates in the next few days to come. In the meantime, Haru wants to thank each and every angels out there for helping him.

8 MAY 2019

Its a mixture of gratitude, fatigue, anguish and sadness for my team with regards to Haru today. After a more thorough investigation, Purely Adoptions concluded that Haru's injury could be man-made. This mean this boy could be tortured by someone before he escaped. Who is so evil hearted to impose such cruelty to a cat?

Dr Kitty had to perform some teeth extraction for Haru today to facilitate the reconstructive surgery, which is planned to take place hopefully in 3 weeks time. We also took the opportunity and sterilized Haru while he was sedated. Haru not just suffered from teeth issues, he also has broken bones on his nose, nose bridge and there's a big hole between the throat and nasal so when he eat, some food got into the nose and there's risk of infection.

Haru will unfortunately need to stay at the clinic during these period as its critical not to move him around too much. I will visit him coming Thursday and hopefully he will feel better. We are slowly and steadily getting him fix. It is going to be a long process and it is going to cost a lot but Haru is a fighter with such great spirit that we must give him a chance.

12 MAY 2019

Haru has been feeling great and is so grateful for everyone's help and wishes to get him better that if he can, he would have headbutted everyone. He still has a long way to go but he is slowly getting there.

We are hopeful that Haru will get better soon and will update on his next surgery. In the meantime, Haru wishes all mothers, a Happy Mother's Day🌹🌹😘😘

20 MAY 2019

Haru hope everyone had a great Vesak celebrations yesterday and a relaxing Monday before the working week starts tomorrow.

Haru had been feeling under the weather recently and had gotten the flu bug but is on Nebuliser twice a day to clear the airway.

Once Haru's flu has gone away, he will be operated on. Please do keep Haru in your prayers!!

Haru continue to advocate adoption instead of buying a pet and if anyone is on the look out on adopting a cat, please reach out to the @purelyadoptions team.

29 MAY 2019

Its official!!! Haru finally got the go ahead from both vets to have his face reconstructed coming Monday!! It's been a draggy process for Haru as he had been figthing off swelling, followed by flu...

We want nothing but the best for Haru after what he had been through. And we do apologise for the slow updates but please rest assured he is in great hand. Please pray for Haru and I will do an update once he had his surgery!


Meanwhile, Haru want to tell everyone to stop abandoning your pets!! A pet is for life and with the never ending reports of pets abandonment, it is heartbreaking for rescuers! To you they are just animals, but to them, you are family!

3 JUNE 2019

Haru went for his reconstructive surgery by Dr Patrick Maguire, a vet surgical specialist today. Haru's face was badly cut when he was rescued. We can't imagine how much pain he suffered all these while. Today's operation went smoothly and we are glad to see him recover well from the general anaesthetic. He will be hospitalised for the next 1-2 week at Furiends Vet Clinic under the care of Dr Kitty as its critical to monitor the healing especially when there's a possibility of inflammation at the nasal passage (which might cause obstruction). We wish him speedy recovery and will update everyone on his progress.


We have yet to receive his total medical bill and will update according once we received it. Thank you to those who donated. You have given him a new lease of life.

18 JUNE 2019

First of all, we apologise for the slow updates on Haru due to the recent urgency in Starlight's rescue case and also influx of abandonment cases.

Nonetheless, we are happy to say that Haru had recovered successfully from his surgery and will be moving into a foster home next week. He is able to eat both dry and wet food and has become quite the love bug as well.

However, Haru still need more time to fully recover and back to being a healthy normal cat. All these can only be done in a home environment and we are thankful to our dear foster, Serene for helping Haru.

Haru will ultimately be put up for adoption but in the meantime, we will provide more updates and we seek your understanding in our slow updates.

28 JUNE 2019

Haru is finally discharged by Dr Kitty after nearly becoming a permanent resident there. We are glad that he had recovered well from his surgery but he will still need to be fully well as he has gotten the flu bug.

Haru would want to thank each and every one of his supporters for giving him the chance to live again. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It really took a Kampong to get this boy to where he is right now.

Haru is now adjusting well being an indoor cat at foster @serenehon home. Haru eats well and learning to be a happy cat again. He even got his smile back!! Foster Serene mentioned that Haru is a sweetheart and he is just a lovebug. It will be fantastic if he can find a fur ever home soon too.

If you think u fit the bill, do chat with me.

We also want to thank for sponsoring the cat scratcher for him as Haru loves to scratch his scratcher.

We are grateful for everyone's support and we will update his total bill soon. In the meantime, Haru and the team @purelyadoptions wishes all a great weekend ahead.

23 AUGUST 2019

It's official! Haru is a foster failure for foster Serene! Haru is such a sweetheart that anyone who had closed contacts with him will love him. Even thought his doggie siblings are a bit wary of him, everyone lives in harmony. As you can see from the video, Haru is definitely not afraid of dogs!! Adopters/foster had also requested not to have any starter kit so they can pass the gift forward to next adopter.

We want to thank each and everyone's generous donations to Haru and the final bill is as per attached. All balance funds will be lumped into #starlightresuefunds for future cat rescue cases and there are a lot of cat cases we had taken up within these 2 months alone.

Please do continue to support @pureadoptions effort to make a difference to the voiceless. We are a small group but we try our best to help those rescues in our care. If you feel you can open your heart and home to a rescued animal, please reach out to us. We now have approximately 13 cats to rehome and numerous dogs too!

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