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Xiao 8 found her forever home!

Xiao 8, previously known as Rainbow, is adopted! She is very blessed to have met Joyce and her family, and she has indeed opened so much more to loving her new family and enjoying her walks and meeting new furry friends. Thank you Joyce for adopting! 😍❤️🐾🐾

Mama Joyce: 'I would say it's a blessing that Xiao 8 chose us. When we first visited her previous home, she was very skittish. She would hide in her playpen or find places to hide when we were there.

During her first two days with us, she tried to explore her new surroundings, but whenever she saw us, she would quickly run back to her playpen and hide.

On the third day, she became more comfortable with us and started to roam around. I was overjoyed when we asked her if she wanted to sleep with us, and she hesitated, debating whether to go back to her playpen or follow us. To our surprise, she took a big step out of her comfort zone and chose to follow us into the room and sleep there. Since then, we have been deeply moved and warmed by her little gestures, like following us at midnight when we go to the toilet and, most importantly, barking at strangers. For most people, a dog barking may seem normal, but for her, it was a significant change. She didn't bark at all when we first visited her previous home. Now, she is growing more confident and cheeky after a week with us.

People often ask, "Why not get a pedigree dog, which is easier to train, especially when you have a kid?" Or they question why we chose to adopt a Singapore Special, citing comments that these dogs can be difficult and hard to train. The truth is, they just lack love; they have been mistreated elsewhere. Just like humans, they need love and simply need a chance to experience it. So why not give them the love they deserve? Who knows, they might change your view.'

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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