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Toby found his forever home!

'We’ve noticed the post on Toby (ex-Milo) since he was first put up for adoption months ago. We thought of adopting another from Purely Adoptions. Then our dearest Princess Abby (which we adopted from PA 3 years ago) was very ill. She was diagnosed with meningitis earlier in the year. Since then, her health has deteriorated, and she was on high dependency in the last couple of weeks. We wanted to spend all of our attention on her. Thus, we didn’t proceed to adopt Toby. Fast forward 6 weeks later, and Abby’s passing, I came across Toby’s adoption post. My wife and I decided to pay him a visit. It was a love at first sight on this shy little boy.

After spending a week of homestay with us, we are ready to give him a new home. He has been enjoying all his walks to the park and seeing his friends every morning. He loves playing with his bigger brothers and sisters in the park. Day by day, Toby is getting comfortable with us and our living habits. He is going to immerse into the family in no time. We are so grateful to find this beautiful, handsome boy from PA.

We will always choose to adopt and give the pups a 2nd chance rather than euthanising them. #adoptdontbuy' - pawrents Jeffery and Sharon

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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