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The Easter Babies

The Easter Babies were rescued from a Shipyard in Tuas in 2013 around Easter. We were notified by a Supervisor working at the Shipyard to rescue the 5 newborn puppies in a metal pipe. With the help of the construction worker who climbed inside the scorching hot metal pipe, we managed to save the puppies.

According to the workers, the puppies were about 10 days old and the mummy dog was nowhere to be seen. They were worried that the puppies will die of starvation and decided to contact us. Angels are really all around!


We brought the puppies back, all whose eyes are not yet opened, to our fosterer's home. All of them were covered with mud and bits of metal shavings and whimpering throughout the journey. Could they be hungry or sad that they were leaving their mummy behind? We could only wonder as our hearts throbbed.

One thing we do know is that we need to take ownership of their well-being. We immediately knew we had to head to the pet shop and get the small little milk bottles and Puppies’s milk. They absolutely won our hearts over with their adorableness!


Our lovely Fosterer is a big hearted lady, Ms Suzanna, who has 2 helpers to help take care of these 5 babies and her own pedigrees.

She would constantly update us on the puppies' progress in terms of appetite, activities etc. She even took the initiatives to name them Rascal (actually I named him that this as he was a real rascal when I rescued them), Buddy, Caleb, Charlotte and Chloe. The puppies soon grew under her tender loving care.

She not only took in the pups, she made sure that they are fed with good quality puppy milk and kibbles. She even put aside her lavish lifestyles, sacrificing her afternoon tea time and helped me shower the stray pups with care. Such admiration I have for her, who is willing to put in so much effort and giving up her daily hobbies to take care of pups, and stray ones at that! Definitely do hope more can share her sentiments towards stray dogs.

Our "windfall" puppies (who moved from a dirty shipyard to a posh residential area, from being abandoned to being taken care of by beautiful hearted people) grew slowly, and eventually, into gorgeous puppies. Besides the good quality kibbles she fed them, we believe it is her love and kindness that helped the Easter puppies blossom so quickly.


As all the 5 puppies have 1 single color and look very much like Labrador, 5 different adopters soon came knocking on our doors. Before we knew it, the puppies has all found their home.

It is a wonderful feelings seeing our rescued puppies get adopted. We often asks ourselves, till this day, will they still be alive if we did not save them at the very start? Will they ultimately succumb to sickness such as Parvo Virus and Distemper?


Whatever the case, it seems that we have changed their destiny and rescued them from the potential ill fate of stray dogs. However, we remain thankful to everyone who has helped and am blessed to have met the many kind people. Without the help of the dear lady, the stray puppies will never be able to grow to such handsome ones weeks after. Therefore, we remain hopeful, with an open-mind, believing that angels are all around, ready to reach out their helping hands to create more happy endings like this one.


We sincerely thank everyone who had helped make this rescue work a success. To the shipyard supervisor, the construction worker, fellow animals lovers and of course, the Ms Suzanna who has so graciously taken all 5 of them in, a BIG Thank you for your support and help.

It has definitely motivated us to work on our next rescue work and we promise that we will keep animal rescue close to our hearts, doing whatever we can to help the stray animals in need.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with a heart full of gratitude and hope.

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