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Sophie (previously Stoney) found her forever home!

"Our beloved JRT crossed the rainbow bridge in Nov 2023. His passing left a hole in our hearts, and while there is now space in our home for a new dog, we were not actively searching for one, rather just keeping ourselves open to one the universe sends our way.

Then we stumbled on @PurelyAdoption's post on social media about Stoney and felt compelled to put our hands up as her potential adopter. Upon doing so though, we learnt she was already undergoing a trial homestay in another household. Okay, we thought - it was just not meant to be.

Less than 10 days later, @PurelyWoof reached out to us, letting us know that Stoney's trial homestay didn't work out, and asked if we were still keen to adopt her. The stars aligned this time, and Stoney came to our home. She is and has been an absolute darling - a very gentle and affectionate dog who goes along well with every dog and human she meets. Even our Chihuahua, who is extremely dog selective, hits it off with her without any reactivity whatsoever!

Her personality is unfolding with each day she is with us - getting more vocal, more lively, more greedy - and we love to watch her blossom as she feels safer and more secure with us.

Stoney, now named Sophie, is in her forever home. We couldn't be happier, and we're sure that our JRT, somewhere across the rainbow bridge, is also happy to see that all the love we had for him, has now found a home in Sophie.

Thank you, @PurelyAdoptions and @PurelyWoof for taking Sophie in, and bringing her into our lives. Much love to the fosterer as well for loving on Sophie while she was in transition between her previous family and ours. You folks make this world a better place, a dog and a family at a time." - Susan and Xiu.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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