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Patchy is adopted!😸

We are excited to share that our friendly girl Patchy has found her long awaited home sweet home! She joined our recent adoption drive at Pets and Plants Extravaganza and we were initially worried that she will be overlooked due to her fur colour and age. Our worries were unfounded, her mummy interacted with sweet Patchy and decided to give her a furrever home 🥳

Patchy was confident on her first day at home. She walked around confidently and curiously, inspecting everything she laid her eyes on. She even walked into a wet bathroom nonchalantly, unafraid of the water 👏 She opened up to her pawrents immediately and loves to roll around and show her tummy 😻

Thank you Constance and Ivan for catproofing your entire home and giving Patchy the love and warmth she deserves 🏠❤️ She is so blessed to have such good and patient daddy and mummy 🥹🙏 Please follow her IG @g.g.patchy Have a wonderful life, Patchy 😘

We like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors once again for supporting our adoptions: @silverskypets @wsnandfriends @petmagazinesg @amberartgallerysg @zealpetfood

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