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Mummy Bubbles found a wonderful home!😸

We are happy to announce that our Mummy Bubbles have finally found a wonderful home. She has always been a good girl at the cattery @alisoncatcare so we are not surprised to hear that she adapted well and already winning her pawrents’ heart right at the start of her home trial! Thank you Eric and Fiona for adopting our sweet girl 🙏 Follow @bubblesaurtan to see how Bubbles is always surrounded by love and joy in her furrever home ❤️

Here’s what her awesome daddy and mummy have to say about our chonky girl:

It was love at first sight for us! We took an instant liking to her when we saw her adoption drive photo and fell in love when we met her in person and heard her story. During the trial stay, we found Bubbles to be a friendly and attention-loving cat. She doesn’t hesitate to vocalise or express herself and her love for you in so many ways - from her persistent head rubs, body rolls, purring/meowing, chasing you to the door (to stop you from leaving) and waiting for you to come home. Adopting her was the easiest decision for us and she’s been the perfect addition to our family. We adore her so very much and want to give her the world.

- Eric and Fiona

Bubbles and her 5 kittens were rescued by our super trapper Felicia @willpebs from an industrial estate where there were no regular feeders 😿 Huge thanks to Felicia for her compassion and rescue efforts!

We also like to thank Dr Yeumee and for hosting Purely Meow adoption drive in December so that Bubbles can meet her parents 🙏

Last but not least, we like to thank our sponsors for supporting our cause.

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