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Meet Theo, Our Brave New Pup!

Arrived on Sunday, October 20, 2023.

Theo's First Days: Our shy Singapore Special dog, Theodore, joined our family with a cautious heart from Purely Woof. He spent his first few nights wide awake, always alert.

Finding Comfort: While I was at work, Theo chose my study room as his safe space, taking time to adjust in his own way.

A Gentle Greeting: Coming home, I found Theo on guard but welcoming. His little lick was a sign of growing trust.

Earning His Trust: Respecting his space, my family shared the study room with Theo, letting him warm up to us at his own pace.

Theo's Progress: Each day, Theo shows more love with his grateful licks and learns so fast! He's really starting to feel at home.

A Loving Addition: Day by day, Theo's becoming more comfortable, showing us the true meaning of resilience and affection.

Thank you Anne for adopting!

Love is a wet nose and a happy tail. 🐾🐾😍

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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