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Kaiden and Kaison finds their forever home!😻

We are overjoyed to announce that two of the K-pop kittens, Kaiden and Kaison, have captured the hearts of their fosterers and the hooman decided to foster fail them 😍 Their pawrents said they cannot imagine their lives without the boys as they are purrfect addition to their family. The boys are gentle to their young hooman sisters and 4 of them often play together. 🥳🏠

We like to thank meowmy @maddytmq for answering our calls for help when we posted urgent foster appeals for the kittens to rescue them out of factory eviction. She said that the boys have already become part of the family on Day One 🥹 They are truly two lucky boys. We are glad that the boys are enjoying good lives from now on after having a rough start. Stay happy and healthy cutie pies 🙏❤️

Last but not least, we like to thank our sponsors for supporting our cause always. The kittens are super duper happy to see the food in the adoption kit 😺

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