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K-POP Singing Competition & Charity Dinner 2018!

Purely Adoptions would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards the organisers Jaslyn Tang , Helen, Eric and guests who had attended the [K-Pop Singing Competition & Charity Dinner].

On 1 July 2018, the singers and performances from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia came together and had an fantastic K-Pop singing competition. Their singing was so captivating and their stage performance was dazzling with beautiful costumes and glamorous gowns.

We raised $27,600 from the dinner tickets sales as well as donations from the guests. After the dinner, we received another $3,000 donation from another kind and generous guest. In total we received $30,600 from this Charity event.

Thank you so much for the donation. We will be able to do much more in our rescue mission, placing dogs and cats up for adoptions and helping stray feeders to feed the strays. In fact, this money will help us toward Trap Neuter Release Management (TNRM) and thus control the strays population.

We had invited our stray feeders: Mei Mei, auntie Lee Chew, Uncle Heng, Francis and Shindy to come join us with this charity dinner.

Thank you to all guests and organisers who had put in many hours of hard work and time to make this K-Pop Singing Competition & Charity Dinner a great success!

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