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180929 Bamtastic 11 2018 (29 Sep)

Date:29 September 2018

Purely Adoptions would like to thank Kelly Bamji Lee and Bam Bam for the generous donations of $1,522.11. This is the 4th year that Kelly has made donations to Purely Adoptions with Bam’s birthday “ang pow”.

These donations from Bamtastic 11 party or Bam's 11th Birthday Party will contribute towards our cause, which includes medical expenses, boarding fees, trapping fee, food supplies for stray feeders and transportations etc. It will also help the Trap Neuter Release Management TNRM Project which we are involved in as well.

Thank you Kelly for thinking of these cats and dogs that need our help. Our pets are fortunate to have all of you taking care of them. The strays will definitely need all our help with food, a shelter and a home they can live furever.

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