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Jesse is adopted!

Big thanks to his fosterers Jo and mum, Ronnie and family, Brendan and family for the love and care and making her adoptable.

"We started looking for dogs from various shelters and animal welfare groups in October 2023. Our family of three young children made it difficult to be matched with compatible dogs. Just when we were about to give up the search, Jesse was available to our family in December 2023.

When Jesse first met us, she was timid and cautious to receive treats from the children. Her sweet and shy temperament won our hearts immediately, and I knew that our home needed her. On the night that Jesse arrived, she was afraid of everything in our neighborhood, and she paced nervously at home when all of us were in bed. But when morning came, she gently greeted and wagged her tail at us.

While we are adapting to this new family member and her blossoming personality, Jesse has already accepted us as her family. Her butt and tail wags can no longer contain her excitement whenever we come home. She has shown us her playful side by initiating tug and fetch games. She has also shown us her protective side by alerting us of strangers at our main door when none of us is in the living room. Instead of trying to flee when she is startled during walks, she has learnt to trust us to shield her from danger. We are very thankful that Jesse chose us as her family.

To the people who are looking for dogs, please give Singapore Specials a chance to be adopted. "Dogs that you want may not be the best fit for your family. Somehow, the dog that you truly need will appear when you least expect it," said an uncle whom we met during our walk. Thank you @PurelyAdoptions @PurelyWoof for giving us the chance to meet Jesse. Special thanks to the family who was taking care of Jesse while we were getting our house ready for her." - Mama Joey

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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