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Foster fail, Manga found his forever home!😸

We are happy to announce that Manga (fka Tuxley) who was recently abandoned was adopted this weekend too 🙏 It is a foster fail, woohoo 🥳 🏠

Manga was abandoned during the Christmas period. Even though she was failed by her ex owner, Manga never lose her love and faith for the humankind.

Manga immediately settled in the foster home and cuddled with her foster parents on the first day. Not before long, her parents fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. Her parents rename her Manga, after their love for anime and manga. We think it’s also due to her silly and cute personality😺

A heartfelt thank you to Geraldine and Lucas for generously giving Manga the love and care she rightfully deserves. 🙏🐾 Here’s what they say about Manga:

“When Manga (then Tuxley) was first brought into our house, she calmly did an inspection, and then immediately starting showing us affection, no sign of wariness at all. It was probably that moment that decided her fate as our failed foster.

The entire adoption process was smooth, and the shelter gave us everything we needed in terms of food, litter, etc. for the first few weeks, and then once again when we officially adopted her.

Manga is a rascal and full of energy, always wanting to play. She is full of affection too, sometimes crawling up next to us on the bed when it’s time for us to go to work. She’s brought so much joy into our household and we love her so much. She never fails to entertain us and we couldn’t have imagined life without her again.

❤️Mama Geraldine and Papa Lucas ”

We would like to express our gratitude once again to our generous sponsors for supporting our adoption program : @silverskypets @zealpetfood @amberartgallerysg @petmagazinesg @wsnandfriends


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