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Forever Home for Yuki!

This post is going to make you smile Yuki, the once fearful dog has a forever home Thank you to @purelywoof Team for not giving up on her and the kindness showered by the adopters Kowshik & Anjali

“We have grown up loving animals and have wanted to adopt a dog for some time now. We were intrigued when we came across Yuki’s post on Instagram showing both her scared/fearful side and her playful cute side. So we reached out and soon came to realise that behind her fierce demeanour, she’s a bundle of joy who will shower you with licks and cuddles.

Through every visit and day with her, we grew to love her energy and cute goofiness more and more. We had a lot of guidance from Iris and purelywoof before and during the homestay on how to walk, feed and interact with Yuki that helped us and her get comfortable with each other.

She’s adorable and so easy to love, we had to adopt her and give her a forever home. We're really looking forward to sharing our lives together. Thank you to the sponsors of the starter kit as well “ - Proud Pawrents of Yuki, Kowshik & Anjali

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause. @Silverskypets @roots_technologies_sg @noelwhiskylifestyle @petsmagazinesg @waterventure @supernovasgshanice @animal_communications - @machopawz @ ai wei @shopee_sg @bonesoffalmeat @amberartgallerysg

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