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Forever Home for Yuan Yuan!

Adoption confirmation for Yuan Yuan #ciyuankitten

What a journey for this brave gal!! Her rescue was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes! From being sighted by @slowdown.sara, to being trapped successfully on a rainy Saturday night after multiple attempts. And when she needs to amputate her injured limp, the whole cat community comes together to help with her bill, and with the help of the amazing staff @oasisvetclinic, Yuan Yuan made a full recovery.

Foster Mii @teamcharacats was so amazing in helping to take care of this special tripod gal and helping her to gain her confidence to a point that Yuan Yuan has become the smartie gal.

We are truly happy to see Yuan Yuan be finally adopted by her amazing pawrents Xin Yi & Darryl who understands that Yuan Yuan will be a special cat forever. Now renamed as Quinn, one can see she is having a blast at her forever home. Do follow Quinn @catcalledkouign on her future meowventures

For every rescue case, there are multiple parties that gets involved right from the start. From trapper, informers, rescuers, clinic partners, donors, Fosterers and finally adopters. One is not complete without the other. And we are truly blessed to have met supportive parties throughout our journey! 😻 😻 Thank you!

We also want to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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