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Forever Home for Whisky!

“We’ve wanted a furry addition for the longest time, and what time better than now to rehome a doggo now that we (finally) have a home of our own?

We were matched with Whisky shortly after getting in touch with Purely Adoptions. We were won over by her zest for life and after a couple of meetings (and making sure she liked us too), arranged for a home stay. Fosterers Michelle and Nick were super friendly, made sure we were a good fit and guided us along. We knew Whisky was the one before the week was up, and the extension of the home stay to a forever one was a seamless one with the help of Purely Adoptions!”

Singapore Specials are intelligent, resilient and athletic, and are at the same time, goofy, cuddly and downright adorable - all they need is a home to call their own and they’ll be the best friend you’ll ever have(:” - Whiskey Adopters Cheng De & Adeline

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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