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Forever Home for Taylor!

Taylor finally found her forever home!

Taylor, a stray dog at West Coast could have been caught by AVS at a worse time back in April 20, during which COVID-19 circuit breaker had begun. West Coast rescuers are in a fixed as all commercial boarding were closed for new cases and AWGs had limited permanent staff in their shelter. Her future was bleak as no group can take up her case as Circuit Breaker just started. But luck was on her side. Taylor was very fortunate that one AWG - SOSD had kindly agreed to board her for a month. When circuit breaker got extended, one month’s stay in isolation became closer to 2 months, during which no one could visit her. We can all imagine her fear and confusion during this period. By June 20, the rescuers Ken and Annie finally managed to transfer her out to a private boarding house Wong Ling Kennel where they approached Purely Adoptions to do rehoming. This is the starting of her new life.

Taylor’s rehabilitation has been slow initially. She has a skittish nature and resist the leash. It took the Ken and Annie months of patient training, with the help of Wong Ling, to make her walk properly on leash. Being a young dog, she has a playful side. She made good friends with other dogs (Mochi, her buddy) in the boarding house and even had a German Shepherd as her god-mum who coached her to walk. Soon, Taylor was transformed to one of the ‘gang’ members who ‘terrorised’ the place. Sometime in October 20, Taylor natural mum was rescued and they finally got reunited again. Smile!

When Taylor was ready for adoption, we saw many interested potential adopters. Alvin and his family finally selected as the whole family showed genuine love for Taylor. Taylor now has 45 mins walk each day in the park and is given delicious home cooked food. She has her favourite place on the couch too. She is so sweet and don’t even bark or create trouble (at least not yet 😊).

We are all happy that Taylor finally found a permanent home!

P.S. Taylor belongs to a West Coast Park/Clementi Wood pack. All were rescued by end 2020.

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