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Forever Home for Shiny & Mitten!

Posted @withregram@purelymeowdayne Adoption confirmation for Shiny & Mitten

Our sister pair of Shiny & Mitten had been adopted and are now enjoying their new home with their ameowzing family!!

Rescued from a restricted area, the gals are very close to each other and are often seen playing and grooming each other.

When Chin Fong approached us in adopting a kitten, being a first time cat pawrent, she was a bit hesitant about adopting a pair but gamely took on the challenge with the support of her family. We couldn't ask for a better family for this cheeky pair of sisters.

If you are starting out in the cat ownership journey, you should adopt a pair if there is a bonded pair of siblings. It is actually easier to Manage 2 as compare to 1 as they will play with each other, they will learn how to be a cat, and they keep each other company when the humans are not available .

Do follow the sisters' meowventuress @broomstickcats!!😻 😻

We want to thank our foster Kelly for taking care of them for the past few months, our sponsors for the starter kit @silverskypets

And also to Chin Fong and her family for giving Shiny and Mitten a forever home! Thank you for choosing to adopt and giving rescue cats a chance! 😻

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