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Forever Home for Ruthy!

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Adoption confirmation for Ruthy the nasi lemak gal

We are happy to announce that our tortie sweetheart, Ruthy is officially adopted by the wonderful family of @aishspice and Philip, together with Ria the ameowzing fursis!

Ruthy was rescued just next to a nasi lemak Shop when foster @clarityp was there for lunch a few months back. Ruthy was meowing for food and was extremely skinny. After some investigations, the nasi lemak stall aunty mentioned that Ruthy just appeared one day and seeing her scavenging for food scraps, she decided to feed Ruthy.

Was Ruthy abandoned because she is a typical tortoiseshell? Some people find tortoiseshell cats not pleasing to their eyes due to the color of its fur. Heck, they missed out on this sweetheart!!

Don't choose a pet based on its color. Sometimes the right pet is just there, if you are willing to open your heart to understand them.

We want to thank our adopters for giving Ruthy a new lease of life, foster Clarity for giving Ruthy the confidence to find her happiness and not forgetting @nekononiwa for sharing my initial post which helped Ruthy in securing her forever home.

We also want to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause. @Silverskypets @noelwhiskylifestyle @petsmagazinesg @aiweisia_designs @shopee_sg @bonesoffalmeat @amberartgallerysg

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