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Forever Home for Rumour!

Rumour has been adopted!

“"From the very first day we thought of getting a furkid, we were sure we wanted to adopt one. Fanny was so scared and so shy when she first came over, she would pick a corner of the room and confine herself there, staring warily at everyone who came close, shaking out of fear. She didn't seem to be interested in treats or being pet and had to be coaxed into falling asleep or eating without stress.

Rumour, as we've now named her, has the most adorable floppy ears and we like to joke that she sits like a full bag of flour tossed on to the floor, both awkwardly and different every time. Our everyday became celebrating new improvements like tail wags, eating treats and play fighting. We'd send videos of each little development to our other housemates who weren't in the room to see it and we'd celebrate via text so as not to alarm her with too much sudden attention.

Though she's still scared of strangers and newcomers she's opened up to us so much it's hard to imagine that she was the same little girl we first fostered. Always excited to see us, always booping us for attention and treats, jumping into bed with us, it's hard to remember what life was like before we met her. We know she still has a long way to go and we're so excited to be a part of it! We're so grateful to everyone at Purely Adoptions and to her earlier foster parents for bringing her into our lives :)" - Rumour Adopter Razeens & Enona

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