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Forever Home for Mini Puma Opurr!

Posted @withregram • @fairygel_catlover A Big Congrats to our dearest mini puma Opurr who has passed her home trial with flying colours and is now officially adopted by @noodlehousen and Mick 🥳💝 We thought initially she might hide upon seeing us again which often happen when we visit some of the rescues at their furrever home after sometime. However we were met by a very friendly and chill Opurr when we arrived! She even came towards us for pets and rubbed all over us. So sweet lah this girl 😘🥰 We are very excited to see this former cattery cat, who had been waiting 2 long years for a home, so comfortable and happy at her furrever home. Very grateful to Sinead and Mick for opening your hearts and door to little Opurr 🙏🥰 She’s very blessed and I am sure she knows and appreciates the love and care you shower upon her 💝 Have a wonderful life sweetie 😻😽

As usual, we like to thank the following sponsors for the adoption package for all our rescues 🙏 @silverskypets@petsmagazinesg

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