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Forever Home for Maya & Neko!

Posted @withregram • @purelymeowdayne Adoption confirmation for Maya & Neko

We are happy to announce that both Maya and Neko had been adopted together by Jon and his family. Both of them are rescued from a hoarder situation together with Sora & Sasuke (their story in the next post) and to see them settle down nicely, it is indeed a blessing.

Adopters are aware that Maya is a shy gal and need time to get used to her new place. And they are letting her slowly get used to her new home too. Patience is always the key when it comes to having pets in a household. As for Neko, he had settled down nicely and behaved as if he owns the place. We believe both Maya and Neko will blossom in time with all the love and attention given to them in their forever home.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause. @Silverskypets @noelwhiskylifestyle @petsmagazinesg @aiweisia_designs @shopee_sg @bonesoffalmeat @amberartgallerysg

Also Not forgetting our amazing team which consists of fosters @tictackitkat1 @teamcharacats and fellow rescuer @fairygel_catlover for changing the fate of Maya, Neko, Sora and Sasuke

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