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Forever Home for Le Le!

Le Le has been adopted and we are glad she found a very good family. Eileen and hubby are a kind hearted couple who will go all out to care for needy dog. Previously they adopted a 15 year old Bebe from us who was diagnosed with kidney disease. This year, they came forward to foster Le Le who was diagnosed with Bronchitis and need to be on long term medication. Being an animal lover, they decided to adopt Le Le despite her medical conditions. They just want to provide the best for her and we know Le Le is happy to be with her new daddy and mummy

“Lele is a very sweet gal. She came to us at a time when we still getting over our last loss. But she quickly brightened our hearts with her goofy antics. We decided to adopt pets so as to give them a second chance of a better home.” - Proud Pawrents of Le Le, Eileen & David

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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