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Forever Home for Kirin, Stoutie and Stryder!

Its not often we have a family who adopt 3 dogs from us. The first dog Kirin was adopted by Dr Gloria when we sent him for vet check at MP Mandai ( He was found to be suffering from liver shunt and that dampened our hope of finding him a family who can accept his conditions. Dr Gloria came forward to adopt him. We were delighted. 3 years later, Dr Gloria and Victor came to us to adopt 2 dogs. Without hesitation, we said : YES! 😄

“When we recently lost 1 of our dogs to a long battle with illness, we knew that we would adopt another one. Getting a pet is a very private and individualistic affair. Adoption, especially of rescues, is such a rewarding way to discover the joys of having a furry or feathery companion. We also believe that Fate will bring the right dog to us. True enough, less than 2 months later, we adopted 2 dogs from Purely Adoptions. Stoutie and Stryder have become part of our family and joins Kirin, our other Singapore Special rescue from Tuas. Kirin was also adopted 3 years ago from PA, which has tirelessly worked to help rehome animals in need.” - Proud Pawrents of Kirin, Stoutie & Stryder: Dr Gloria & Victor.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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