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Forever Home for Juliet!

“We found out about Purely Adoptions through our friend who shared her experience of fostering with Purely. As dog lovers ourselves, we miss having a dog member in our family and our friend encouraged us to get in touch. Not long after, we were invited to meet Juliet at her fosterers' place.

When we first met her, we were drawn to her well natured behavior as a puppy. She is shy and curious at the same time. It took about 45 minutes for her to warm up to us. We then visited her for a second time and decided to take her for a home stay.

Juliet’s homestay went well as she progresses in different ways day by day. We are happy to see her settle in quickly. She is a fast learner and have won our hearts!

We have decided to rename her as Leila (means dark beauty because of her dark black coat and she is a nocturnal). Leila not only provides a lot of joy in our daily lives, but also show our child what it means to be kind and responsible to animals. She has her own inner sparkle, cheeky yet loving personality. She is what we have been looking for, low mid energy at home and high energy outdoors! We are thankful to the team at Purely for their hard work and also giving us a chance to welcome Leila into our family. Not forgetting Leila’s fosterers - Elaine and Pierce for their care during her early months.

Dogs - they may be part of our life, but we meant everything to them. Adopting a dog helps to reduce the stray population and we highly encouraged those who wants a dog member, please make ADOPTION your priority!” - Leila's adopter Michelle & family

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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