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Forever Home for Jarvis!

“Our adoption experience with PurelyAdoptions was an amazing one - shoutout to Irene and Estella for facilitating it all.

Having rescued puppies ourselves previously, we understand that the rescue, rehoming, fostering and adoption processes can be extremely challenging.

We have been following PurelyAdoptions and PurelyWoof for some time and decided that we were ready to foster and adopt after we settled into our new place. We weren’t sure how our other Singapore Special (SS) Jarvis, would take to a new puppy as he can be rather territorial and anxious.

Irene, from PurelyWoof, assured us with the homestay trial, and the Purely team gave us so much support throughout. We were in love with her since Day 1 and made sure to introduce and integrate the dogs properly.

Jarvis ended up really loving his little sister and with our dogs’ blessings, we decided to adopt Quiaen @heartlandmonsters (previously named Jodi).

It’s not Quiaen that’s fortunate. We are - truly fortunate to have Quiaen bring so much joy to our home, and to have the opportunity to meet the wonderful Purely folks who put in so much heart to the work they do!

If you’re considering a next pup - do consider adopting! SSs are a highly misunderstood bunch - they are extremely smart and while they may have their quirks, it’s worth it all when you see how they show you their pure hearts and love. ❤️” - Proud Pawrents of Quiaen, Joyce @joycechansg & Qiuling

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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