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Forever Home for Fika!

Fika (formerly known as Megan) has been adopted!

“When we first met Fika (then Megan) to foster in our home, she was the opposite of what a puppy should be: she was very shy and did not want to leave the corner of our bathroom. She would not wag her tail or even take treats. Everything scared her, from wind to ants! We definitely felt we were not cut out for a dog like her and hoped that we would find someone who is familiar with skittish rescue dogs to give her a life we could not.

But with some patience and consistency, Fika started opening up. Everyday there was an “achievement unlocked”. She started wagging her tail, playing with toys and even started becoming excited to see us in the morning. She started to enjoy learning new tricks. She started hopping on our bed for cuddles— something we would never imagine could happen given how shy she was.

We started missing her when we left her for dinner even when it was just down the road. A lot of people talk about dogs having separation anxiety but to be honest, we probably are the ones with the problem. When the thought of not having her in our lives began to become unbearable, we knew we wanted her to be part of our family forever. Fika is a Singapore Special, you truly cannot find another dog like her. We hope that more people in Singapore can open up their hearts to these guys and give them a chance before blowing tens of thousands of dollars on a pedigree dog. All that money should go into giving these Singapore Specials a good and happy life!” - Fika’s adopter Fathin & Jacob

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