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Forever Home for Enen & Ellis!

Posted @withregram • @fairygel_catlover We are very happy to announce that Our bonded siblings EnEn and Ellis have gone to their home sweet home today

EnEn and Ellis were hiding initially when they came out of their carrier. But once they saw the water fountain, food and bed, they start to relax and come out from their hiding places. After we left, the adopters told us that the kittens had already explored every part of the kitten room, drank water and even fell asleep on the Hooman brother’s chest and bed We are heartened to see that the adopters put in extra efforts to mesh their home to ensure the kittens’ safety. Have a good life, EnEn and Ellis

We like to thank @romoaras for taking wonderful care of this sweet pair. We can rescue more cats in need because of selfless fosterers like you

We also like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause. Our hearts are full @Silverskypets @noelwhiskylifestyle @petsmagazinesg @animal_communications @aiweisia_designs @shopee_sg @bonesoffalmeat @amberartgallerysg

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